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QCT have a large range of used equipment that changes on a weekly basis. Please call to check on availability and prices.....

Renishaw PH10M / T  
Renishaw PH9      / A

Renishaw SP600M

Zeiss Head

Renishaw PHC10
Renishaw PHC9
Renishaw PHD9
Renishaw PI-17
Renishaw PI-12

Renishaw ACR1 & Controller

Renishaw MIP
Renishaw TP1s

Renishaw TP20 Body
Renishaw MCR 20 Rack

Renishaw TP200 Body
Renishaw TP200 Module
Renishaw SCR200 rack

Styli Sets.
Extension Bar Sets.
Various Extension Bars (Single)